safely extracting

8.5x11” 2021

  1. If I gently press my palm to the center of my chest

  2. I can feel the warmth from my hand

  3. I can feel my loving embrace, feel support

    It allows me to feel safe

    to feel and explore what is going on inside me

  4. To extract what no longer serves me

Meeting feelings long repressed. I think they are surfacing now maybe because they sense I feel safe and have the tools and support to feel and explore them, so I can over time release/extract them.

I’m even considering meeting these feelings willingly, sitting down and in my safe space allowing them to emerge(vs them violently appearing when triggered), knowing it will be an exhausting and excruciating experience. But will make way to process them, eradicate them.

So much of my energy for the last +10 years has been occupied by the effects of csa. Energy consumed by the inner work it took to survive. These feelings once served a purpose, a role, and for that I am thankful. I was so strong, worked so hard to protect me. But these feelings are no longer needed, no longer serve me. The idea of being able to utilize all of this energy in a way that serves me helps give me the courage to face these feelings.

Take some deep breaths and gently press your hand (one or both) to your chest once a day every day(for a few long minutes) and see what appears?